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A Gully of His Own

Yet another cracking ride was had in sunny Kiwarrak today by Captain, Pallet, Ash and Chapstik - made all the better by the fact that it had pissing down in Nelson Bay for the last three days.  We confirmed that the trails were in fact 'smokin' as had been reported by Brucey Pain the day before.  Go 21/22, Son of Skull, Lobotomy, River See Saw, 3x3, To Moab, Sweet As, Dave's Gully and everything in-between copped a hiding.


I felt still half asleep and weighed down from a working week when grabbing my helmet and stepping from the car into the carpark. But the familiar morning chill - and its reminder that I'd soon feel warm and alive again from pedalling up that first hill - started putting paid to that. "I just love this" I said to Toolman, who grinned back. 

As we climbed beyond the trailhead in the early light, the green of the rainforest and the call of the bellbirds transported us far away from the working week.


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