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Heard this song on the wireless on the way home from a ride tonight - the closest thing I've heard to what's playing in my head during a gnarly downhill (you know, down the Stony Ridge Mother Hill of Destruction, or maybe over a gutter).  Go the Prodigy!

Rotorua Itinerary 2015

To wet any last minute whistles:


Rotorua MTB Trip 20-27 January

Tuesday 20th:

Depart Sydney 8.40 am, arrive Rotorua 2.00 pm

Taxi to Ian's place, bike assembly, grocery shopping

(Redwood Forest taster ride- Shuttle option from 5.30pm)

Wednesday 21st:

AM Redwood Forest - lower trails (A-trail, Challenge trails, Dragons Tail, B Rude Not 2, Turkish Delight

PM Redwood Forest - Corridors/Tokorangi/Gunna Gotta etc

Thursday 22nd:

AM Whitewater rafting


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