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Get Out of the Way, you F&*^wits!!!

What a great Glenrock ride.  The night ride along Gun Club road and back up Bailey's track and along Kenny's etc was great, but the new loop behind Dudley was superb.
Thanks to Toolman and Shenno for doing the recce work during the week to find some great trails down behind Dudley and looping up a whole lot of great single track.  A second vote of thanks goes to Pauly for extending the hand of friendship to our EPO-fueled road-riding friends.
A great ride with great china plates - can they keep getting better?

Kiwarrak - the Promised Land

The promised land that is Kiwarrak answered its mountain biking disciples' prayers yet again last long weekend.  Thanks be to Brother Ben Folds, the sermon organiser who introduced Kiwarrak to some previously unordained bikers and their offspring.

After brief introductions and offerings of peace, a portion of the congregation pedaled along 'Sweet As', 'Son of Skull' and then down 'Sunbeam' and gazed in awe at the 'River' see-saw, which would appear to offer a fasttrack meeting with the fellow upstairs. More later on one disciple's leap of faith at 'River'.


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