Dishonourable Dismounts

A few notable stacks, mentioned in dispatches:
1. How to use your arse as a brake (saves on disc wear):

2. Shades of Chapstik's Glenrock stack on the boulder in this one - get your bum back mate!

3. No prizes for recognising where these young felchers are riding:


Toolman and Chapstik performed a five hour circumnavigation of Wallaroo yesterday, taking in some previously unexplored terrain (eg. Paddy's Hill) along the way.  Highlights were the view from Lovers' Leap near Gilmore Hill (hello Heartbeat - is that Claude Greengrass in the distance?) and the downhill run both from there and from Gilmore Lookout - technical declines, washouts and babyhead rocks galore.  A great way to spend a Thursday afternoon.  Oh, the Coopers Pales and salami sticks on the way home were half decent too..

Get 'em into it early!

As many of the 'Bay Bikies' have shown you are never to old to go hard on a mountain bike - I'm hoping you're also never to young.  At 21 months old Lilu is now the proud owner of her first duallie -
A Tonka Mighty Bike!  

The geometry is a great combination of a steep head angle for XC mountain goat climbing ability and Comencal style rear suspension for DH bombing - plus it comes with back pedal brakes for sweeet skids.

Future mods:

* Spokey Dokes

* Streamers

* Basket

Sorry Renee, you're next for a duallie... promise...

Wallingat and Kiwarrak

Mountain Goat Shenno and Chapstik got the chance to ride at Wallingat State Forest and then Kiwarrak on consecutive days this week.  Wallingat is where the (in)famous Whoota Whoota climb is, but we'd done that before so we decided to look for something different rather than just burning our legs off.  What we found on the other side of Sugar Creek road was a great 20-odd kilometre firetrail loop with a bit of downhill action in the middle - excellent fun.



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