Rough as Guts

Four hours, over 30 km, two arse-hauls up to Gilmore Lookout, massive puddles, one flat tyre, one broken chain, bikes taking a hammering.  And...loving it.
Ben Folds, Toolman and Chapstik found Wallaroo in fine form as they tested out a new route that Toolman had pieced together, which had us in granny ring and thinking of Whoota only 10 minutes from the car.  However, we all knew that the prize was worth it - a bomb down everyone's favourite downhill.  And it didn't disappoint (despite the massive puddle at the bottom).

Jumping The Gun

Another great dawn session at G-Rock this morning! 
Took the opportunity to take some shots of Chapstick and Toolie - a photo session with these models/posers has been long overdue.  Keen to shot the whole gang in full flight as well!
First gallery is Chapstick lining up the hits on Jumping the Gun - check out the 'Action' Gallery. 
The sequel 'Twisties' featuring Toolie tearing it a new one will be posted later this week.
Enjoy (high res shots available for those wanting a poster size shot of these boys to put up in their garage)


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