Rotorua Action Gallery

What an unbelievable trip!  Chappie has pretty much said it all in previous posts - but to me he said it best after a blinding run down Hot X Buns - "I feel 10 feet tall and bullet proof!"  We were riding like men possessed, clocking up tons of great memories squeezing 5 sessions into only 73 hours in NZ's finest - leaving just enough strength to get our battered steeds on and off the plane.

Rotorua Day 2 - I've fried my brain with adrenalin and burnt my legs away..

What a day!   I can’t remember ever feeling so physically tired. But I need to start from the start..

This morning commenced with a frantic call to Jeff at Kiwi Bikes – as recommended by Steve the world’s most accommodating owner of Alpin apartments where we’re staying   – to try to find a replacement stem for Chapstik’s bike.   The conversation went something like this:

Jeff: Hello Jeff speaking.

Singletrack recommendation in Spain

So got this suggestion for tackling a track in Spain on our bikes. Think might need to skill up.

... you should get your helmet video camera, grab your bike and do this.
I know it’s normally meant for walking but I don’t think you should let
that put you off:

While there I also recommend watching


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