Wallaroo Excavated

Captain and I sussed out Wallaroo this morning after the fire on Gilmore Hill. What we found after entering from the Italia Road end were fire roads that had been graded and were incredibly dusty, a 'dumbed down' Thunderbolts trail that felt like riding at the Boreline and a burnt out area on the Western side of Gilmore Hill and Gilmore Trail. However, the most disappointing find was that an excavator had been all the way down Duggans Run, clearly with the intention of closing off that trail.

Fresh discovery

Nothing like finding some fresh new trails!  There is a guy at Caloundra who has been beavering away for a couple of years in a parcel of DRNM land and he has their blessing to make some trails.  The result is a mix somewhere between Medowie and Kiwarrak and hopefully it will improve rapidly as word contines to get out and his trail crew grows.  The parcel of bush isn't huge but there is already an extensive trail network and lots of timber features. 
And the kicker is that it's only 1km from my new work at Caloundra Airport (also only 4km to the beach).


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