Which weekend of March best suits you for a trip to the Blue Mountains?

28 Feb
0% (0 votes)
7 Mar
14% (1 vote)
14 Mar
14% (1 vote)
21 Mar
71% (5 votes)
28 Mar
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 7


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How do these catch people's imagination for a day or so's worth of riding? I read somewhere that the Oaks trail was voted Australia's most popular trail in an AMB poll a few years back..

Nifty's checking out cheap nearby accommodation and no doubt will comment on that soon.

So get voting for the weekend that suits for f*ck's sake!

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Chapstik somehow logged in on Toolman's account here (software security breach Nifty!) - voted for 21/3 but 28/3 also suits. Leave pass signed.

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For the moment I have voted for 7/3 but could also do 21/3 and 28/3.

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We are coming down to Port Stephens from about 12th March to about the end of March. We have commitments on Saturday 14th so that weekend is out for me (I'm very keen for Killingworth (has been getting an overhaul during 2014) or Glenrock with you guys on Sunday 15th though).

I have a leave pass signed for the weekend of 21st/22nd and can even make it a long weekend by taking off the Friday before or Monday afterwards if that's what people are doing.

I probably can't do weekend of 28/29 as we'll be looking to head back around then.

Looking forward to hitting the trails with you lot again.

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Has Chappie's navigation skills improved over time or is the approach to still go in the complete opposite direction that he suggests?

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If anything its become worse, he's now lost all ability to judge steepness or duration referring to major climbs as "slight pinches" and epic all day adventures as "a good hour or so".

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21st would most likely be out for me but I'll put in for the other dates. I've ridden the Oaks many years ago and unless something has changed it wouldn't be my first choice for a bunch of blokes that can actually ride. Its largely firetrail with a bit of sniggle at the end. As I understand it Andersons finishes quite close to the start of Oaks but again is all firetrail.

Lockyers is a 14km loop http://flowmountainbike.com/flownation/lockyers-trail/
Looks a bit more like us: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFT80rFPwrI
Just my 2 cents

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Actually this looks like the shit and is off the OAKS Trail http://bmorc.com/node/3854

This is part of the description

"The trails to follow are extremely technical, bordering on crazy and dangerous (if fully ridden). For the brave or seriously stupid, there are no thoughts of turning back. For the rational amongst us, walking some parts of the remaining trails on the descent into the valley is the smartest move."

Sounds like Chappy to a tea!

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My vote is in for the 21st but might be able to swing the 28th if need be.

There seem to be a few tracks that rate well in the Blue Mountains.

I have found a review and video of the upgraded section of the Oaks. (See below)


Another one would be the Knapsack Downhill, which would be more our style.


Don't forget Old Man's Valley on the way home.