Better than Strava

During a Medowie afternoon ride, Phil and I decided to play 'don't touch your brakes' for one loop of the trail, which according to Phil is something Stefan plays to hone his pisspoor riding skills (apparently he's Strava KOM at Medowie).
So after one 10 km loop we came up with 21 brake touches (one caused by Muffin suddenly appearing in front of us after one of her shortcuts) and I managed two stacks (both without touching my brakes..).
So there's the challenge - beat that!  (I'm sure I can given another run at it - and probably up the stack count too.)

Damaged Goods

Here is the product of a ride with the dog at Medowie singletrack this arvo.  Yes, propelling my hips forward rather than up did get me much further over the little double jumps, but the Trek's left chainstay didn't  like it.
Now let's see whether Trek's lifetime frame warranty is just that..

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