Late night leg over with the new girl

Took the new girl (2013 Norco Revolver 29'er) out for her first session last night. There is a well made 10km loop less than 5km's from my house which is a perfect spot for some night time laps (spiders and toads not so fun).

I swapped an old roadie for this XC rig (and put in a few $). Well worth it! I was absolutely loving how this bike kept the flow and momentum on the trails. I got my MTBK stoke back!

An offer is as good as a shout

Saturday's conversation:
Renee: "Do you want to finally go for a ride on Sunday morning?"
Me: "Really, you're offering me a ride tomorrow knowing what happened on Friday?"
Renee: "Oh yeah, I forgot"
Well that's my 2013 riding window come and gone, let's recap what happened on Friday and why I couldn't take up the annual offer of a ride...

Dularcha National Park (Landsborough)

So we have moved out of the city to become country bumpkins in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, specifically Landsborough.  Roam has his first flanno but I am yet to get mine so I am still a bit 'city'.  The toothless locals here are very friendly and quick to offer advice, such as "Get a f'ing light for your bike" (when I rode Renee's bike to the local IGA at dusk), "Don't f'ing be in such a f'ing hurry" and "Don't f'ing pull in f'ing front of me" (when I turned in front of a f'ing slow car at a local f'ing intersection).  Yes, very thoughtful advice.

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