Capital Punishment 2014

Entries for Capital Punishment 2014 are now open.

If you haven't ridden in Canberra then this is a good opportunity to do so. Its a well organised event and a great opportunity to get away for the weekend.

The event is on the 15th of March, so any Rotorua riders can take advantage of all Redwoods single track training and put it to good use in Canberra.

Captain and Shenno, I don't think Springsteen will be performing on that date so your in the clear.

Race Report - Capital Punishment 2012
Saturday just gone saw the Capital Punishment 100 km and 50 km races held in Canberra after being postponed for a couple of months due to lots of rain on the original date.  The Captain and I (Chapstik) went down this year to give the 50 km race a go, and met up with some other Nelson Bay riders (Peter, Geoff, Andrew and Scott) down there.

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