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Tell him he's dreaming

Chapstick - don't you hate it when you make a well researched, informed and I'd even say inspired purchase of a new bike only to see a better bargain on ebay? It's even worse when a mate finds that bargain on ebay and tells you about it, huh?


  • dual suspension, state of the art rear shock
  • awesome stopping power of some big phat V-brakes
  • a massive 18-speeds to choose from
  • lightweight cast iron frame

ebay image

See full details at

And how much for this dream machine? $200! Puts the Trek to shame...

the perfect start to a Sunday morning

It's a fine line between pleasure and pain. So said Chrissie.

A pleasurable Sunday morning had a painful start - a 4am rise for 4:30 on the road saw Ben Folds, Chapstick and I arrive 6:30 at base camp in Kiwarrak. Unload the bikes, all ready to go but we had to wait for Ben Folds to clear his back throat in order to reduce his overall weight for the testing trails.

"follow me" is coming

The next filmography installment is coming from the people who made "Seasons", "Roam" and "The Collective".

The majority of people from The Collective have formed a new company called Anthill Films. Their first output under that banner is called "follow me" and is due out in May 2010. I can't wait. To me, "Seasons" set the benchmark for all mountain biking films - high quality imagery, an addictive soundtrack and a story to follow.


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