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dungog film festival
Was on this weekend. The better half and I were there for the festival, and as a bonus I got the green light to take the bike as well.

Uffington Take 2

7am on a Sunday morning and the thermometer has only managed to reach 3 degrees at Clarence Town.
I've suggested we try Uffington again as should be much drier than our first explore. Backed by approval from Shenno we've congregated here, including Captain who seems to be struggling with a hangover that hasn't quite had time to formulate.

A lesson in fashion from the School of Shenno

Start with:

  1. a rainy morning,
  2. a pair of cheap, white boardshorts from the recent Ed Harry closing down sale, and
  3. an 11km cycle commute to work.

Lesson learned:

  • receptionists at the dentist's downstairs from my office do not appreciate the sight of a small serving of meat and two vege through drenched boardshorts as you dismount your bike.

Here endeth the lesson.

Nerong Explore Session

Nerong State Forest is looking good for further investigation.
Heaps of motorbike style single track through there and plenty of fire trails to easily get around. I reckon we'll find heaps more single track and we could easily do a 50km loop to the far end of the boundary and back down the other side of the ridge.

Barely Legal Screamers

It is not every evening that you can induce a carload of barely legal girls to squeal and scream in delight, but I managed to yesterday on the ride home from work.

In the recent weeks I've been the victim of quite a few 'shout attacks' where the passengers of cars shout out at you as they overtake. It shits me. I think it annoys me so much as it is a startling jolt out of the quiet enjoyment of pushing the pedals over as I ride the boundary of Tomaree National Park.

Wagnat Wanderings

An adventure/explore session near Wagnat Rd in Chichester State Forest. Not the best trails - a lot of wet clay in the upper reaches, major puddles across the trails, soft slippery mud in other parts - but some of the downhills were glorious.

Computer says close to 1300m downhill.

Hightlights - Toolman doing a thumper on to the clay and trying to use his lung as an airbag, Captain enjoying a dip in the tepid waters of a muddy bog, Chapstick applying a clay pack to the right thigh at 20km/h over a slide distance of ten metres.


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