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Wallaroo 101 - Intro to Wroo

Ben Folds and I are taking some riders out to Wallaroo on morning of Sunday 18th.

It will mostly be people from the RAAF base in Williamtown who have not ridden Wallaroo before, but I've also posted it as a social ride on the GTA website -

Other locals welcome. We'll be at the Twelve Mile Rest Area around 6:45am for a 7 start. Will be stopping at the Port Stephens Drive/Nelson Bay Rd roundabout at 6am.


It was like poetry in motion. Time slowed down. I felt I was watching a scene from MythBusters filmed on their high-speed camera, of a good sized chunk of C4 ripping apart a pig's carcass.

Hottie Flats. Muddy trails. Sunday morning.

Peach was lead out man, digging deep to sustain roughly 40km/h on the fast flat section. Chappie was like glue on his rear tyre. I was at the end of the line, enjoying a front-row spectator seat to the action playing out in front of me.

Dungog / Reservoir

One of the enjoyable runs in Dungog Common. It is not groomed single track, but the roving bovines, beautiful country-side and dash through the trees make it well worthwhile.


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