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Escape from The Bay

Hi gents,

As mentioned to many of you, I am keen to get away somewhere for some mtb miles. This post is for my current thoughts/ideas. I'll keep updating as fine tune plans. Feel free to comment for extra input.

The (Last?) Temptation of Nifty

There she was - laid bare before me - her beautiful lines plain for all to see. She wanted me to taste her, to glide over her sweet curves, to climb her magnificent peaks and descend into her fine valleys.

But would it be possible? I was on holiday with the family. My wife and children were constantly by my side; and we were having a great time. Cannot the temptress see this? I want to be a good husband. Why does she not leave me alone? 

Lucky Phil's 40 Challenge



Mt Stromlo

early October, 2012

Is everyone ready to re-live the highs of Mt Buller? Well, have we got a deal for you!

Lucky Phil is turning 40 in October and what better way to celebrate than a long weekend mountain bike riding at the famed Mt Stromlo in Canberra.


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