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Doctor - is this lump normal?

Went for a ride this morning with Olie.

A few metres into the ride noticed a thumping from the rear wheel. Stopped and saw this bubble rising out of the centre! Some talk on the net could be a common problem with UST Crossmarks, and/or might be due to the Stans Sealant inside degrading the tyre compound over time.


Project Pump Track

It's going to happen.

First step - learn = - purchased today so some light reading ahead of me.

I'll need help. Anyone have recommendations about where to get soil for a fair price? Sounds like I need loamy soil with clay in it as well. Captain - do you ever have some fill that would be suitable, or all too sandy around here?

Bris Folds Five

Congratulations to Mr Folds in Bris Vegas! - he has the full band complement now with new addition to the family (and actually Ben Folds Five were only 3 members, but we'll neglect that discrepancy for now).

Apparently there is something called facebook that has more details than I. All I know at this stage is that the addition is a healthy little girl....

Weird stuff you witness

So this story ain't got much to do with mountain biking except that it happened when I should have been riding at Glenrock instead of unloading a trailer load of rubbish at the local tip.

While I was at the tip unloading my trailer at the skips, another bloke drove through the big shed with a trailer load of green waste, heading for the mulching piles. His station wagon must have hit a little bump that caused the trailer to unhitch, and since the safety chain was not attached, parted company with his wagon.

Toolman repair warranty claim

For your reference - a Toolman weld repair of a broken rear derailleur hanger is good for about 2000km. After that distance you can definitely expect catastrophic failure.

This is not great to learn while riding in the rain, approximately 4km from home.

Now I just need to read the fine-print of his warranty to see if I can claim a free replacement.


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