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Tassie mtb trip

Rough plans for a trip to Tasmania

  • Focus will be on the trails around Launceston - Derby and Hollybank, as I found these superior to the ones near Hobart.
  • Dates: approx last week of March 2016 to include Easter break; Wed to Wed.
  • Fly into Launceston, fly out of Hobart.
  • Day one: Hollybank
  • Days two to four: Derby and Blue Tiers
  • Day five: travel to Hobart
  • Day six: Hobart
  • Transport: either motorhome(s) or people mover van.

A recce at one thousand metres

So, I finally got up to the Blue Mountains on the weekend of 25th and 26th April.

The executive summary - is well worth a visit for a weekend; naturally it is not as good as Rotovegas but it is a spectacular location with some good trails about the place.

My mate from Bathurst joined me. What we rode:

  • Lockyers on Saturday morning
  • Scribblies on Saturday noon
  • fire trail to Hanging Rock on Saturday afternoon
  • The Oaks fire trail on Sunday morning

What we learned:


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