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Yo yo

Hey guys

I'm hoping to come down early June for about 5 days or so early June and will make sure it is over a weekend so we can get a decent ride in. Is any one around 4-5th June weekend or alternatively 11-12th weekend?


Late night leg over with the new girl

Took the new girl (2013 Norco Revolver 29'er) out for her first session last night. There is a well made 10km loop less than 5km's from my house which is a perfect spot for some night time laps (spiders and toads not so fun).

I swapped an old roadie for this XC rig (and put in a few $). Well worth it! I was absolutely loving how this bike kept the flow and momentum on the trails. I got my MTBK stoke back!

Do you even commute bro?

Picked up this beauty for leisurely 60 km commutes from home (Sunshine Coast) to work (Brisbane).  Sunrises cycling through the Glass House Mountains are a pretty good way to start the day.  
The stats:

  • Fully rigid
  • 7.5 kg total weight
  • 2 x 11 electronic Di2 gears
  • Hydraulic Disk Brakes
  • Carbon Fibre wheels (tubeless ready)
  • Carbon Fibre for days

Haters gunna hate

Best thing I've ever done

Well apart from mountain biking and well... you know.

Renee bought me a RIP:60 for my birthday last year and like with most things I was skeptical.  I admit that it gathered dust for about 6 months until due to a change in jobs I had an hour spare in the mornings.  I dusted it off, hung it off the patio and started the first DVD in the series.  I initially didn't like the cardio bits in the workout but each week it builds and I see the benefits of it now.  Then I was hooked.

Cairns & the Smithfield Trails

During our 3 week trip north I got two sessions in at the Cairns Smithfield Trails and one session at Atherton - both very different beasts.
My first session at Smithfield was by myself and the second I got talking to a local at the Trailhead and he was more than willing to show me around some more (even though he had finished his ride) and lead/talk me through some sketchy sections like 'Croc Slide' and 'Rodeo Drop'.

Good and Bad News

So it turns out my passport expired a year ago so I won't be joining you ecstatic bunch who are going to NZ.
In good news for you guys it looks like the Killingworth trails have been getting a revamp lately - have you been hitting it up?
In other news I am currently an unemployed cycling bum.  As such we are travelling a bit for Renee to be able to work more.  First stop is Mossman.  I'll be taking the opportunity to cycle:



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