Jacks Ridge


Just found some footage of the Jacks Ridge track at Nambucca Heads.  Some of us have heard people raving about it......you be the judge.


There is an event in June that some of us might be interested in.



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Bris Folds has ridden it I believe. Comments Ben?

Don't think he raved about it, but that was probably due to his lack of success in finding any Nambucca Heads show girls that were also into mountain biking.

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Yeah I've done Jacks Ridge - sorry that sounds bad, particularly now I'm a gay roadie on weekdays.

It's a fun little track if you are in the area any way and want to get away from the family for a couple of hours. I wouldn't go to the area specifically for the track though as you'll get bored after 2 laps. When I was there it was about 30 minutes a lap but I think the local crew are pretty dedicated and have been extending it over the years. It's probably very comparable to Awaba. It has a fun couple of fire road hills called the roller coaster where you pull a high G manouvre at the bottom to hold your speed so you can get up the other side. Otherwise there is some highish balance logs, one of which I fell off. The rest is single track but perhaps not as flowy as Awaba and more like Marty's Medowie loop in that the corners are designed so you have to slow down and speed which makes for great exercise but limiting flow.

Also Nambucca Head sucks I reckon. We much prefer staying at Scotts Head and you can camp right next a family friendly beach.

BTW - Had a ball at Mount Cootha on the weekend. Did a 3.5 hour session which is pretty good going in the big hills around there. All the rain up here has made the track nice and tacky. I really miss the 29'er I road around Vegas though. The 26'er is more manouverable but interestingly I found this to make the bike feel quite unstable and the 29'er maintained traction much better when out of the seat and climbing.