Wagnat Wanderings

An adventure/explore session near Wagnat Rd in Chichester State Forest. Not the best trails - a lot of wet clay in the upper reaches, major puddles across the trails, soft slippery mud in other parts - but some of the downhills were glorious.


Computer says close to 1300m downhill.

Hightlights - Toolman doing a thumper on to the clay and trying to use his lung as an airbag, Captain enjoying a dip in the tepid waters of a muddy bog, Chapstick applying a clay pack to the right thigh at 20km/h over a slide distance of ten metres.



Chapstik's picture

Someone should have coathangar'ed Ben Folds so that we;d all taken a turn dismounting at pace.

Ben's picture

Not every day we get to descent 1300m - nice one!!!