Strength in Numbers to be streamed online

According to my calculations, Thurs 12pm PST is Fri 5am Aust EST, so if you are really keen, you could catch a free online screening of Anthill Films' latest effort... see below for more details

Strength in Numbers to be streamed online -
Hot on the heels of its UK premiere in London last week, Strength in Numbers will get its first online broadcast this Thursday (8pm GMT).
The Anthill Films production is one of the most eagerly awaited of the year and the opportunity to view it free of charge is one not to be passed up. All you need to do is head to Red Bull's website on Thursday evening (12pm PST), where it'll be shown for a limited time only. Should you not be able to make it, it will be released on DVD/BluRay and iTunes the following day.


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I didn't deliberately get up to watch it, but a drowzy time check during my slumber showed that it was 4:45am and I thought why not...

I was pretty impressed with the film. Typical Anthill stuff - stunning photography, very good soundtrack and weaving a bit of a narrative. Ben Folds will be happy with the use of Rage Against the Machine's Guerilla Radio track for the Utah freeride, Lucky Phil will like the Switzerland section and Chapstick will drool at Fort William and Whistler. Peach will love it all.

My standouts were Switzerland and Nepal. Rate it better than "Follow Me", but not sure if a "Seasons" killer. Did I mention how good the soundtrack is? Many tunes will soon be used to get us amped to hit the trails. I reckon I'll be getting the movie on blu-ray.