Nerong Explore Session


Nerong State Forest is looking good for further investigation.
Heaps of motorbike style single track through there and plenty of fire trails to easily get around. I reckon we'll find heaps more single track and we could easily do a 50km loop to the far end of the boundary and back down the other side of the ridge.
Parked the car at the Nerong Waterholes RTA rest area. Meant I also got a free coffee at the end of the ride!

Will definitely be getting back there soon.


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A hardy gang of four comprising Nifty, Chapstik,29er Ash and the Captain - fresh off a plane from a Melbourne bender with four hours sleep under his belt - raised the proverbial finger to Mother Nature and headed to Nerong in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Despite there being no free coffee (the coffee samaritans obviously slept in after listening to the rain fall on their roofs all night), there were some decent climbs straight off the highway that had the Captain thinking he was back on that big ol' jet airliner.

The climbing proved worthwhile (as it always does), with a couple of great singletrack runs paying back the effort. Overall the explore in the wet was grand.

After a two and half hour ride, we left with the feeling that Nifty was onto something - there is definitely an epic in the making at Nerong, with some great descents along the way! Well worth a revisit - puddles or no puddles.

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