When a Sunday Morning Ride Becomes an Epic


This morning three mountainbiker friends and a dog set out from the Italia Road entrance and headed into Wallaroo. "Take it easy on me.." said the Captain, "I haven't ridden for a while." Well what started out as a  gentle ride to take it easy on the Captain ended up a glorious 4 hour epic to Wallaroo's boundaries that had the best of Wallaroo: technical up hills, rocky downhills, awesome views, hike-a-bikes, wherethefuckarewe moments and fun all the way.
The trip had us take in Lone Pine Road, Thunderbolts (well done on getting all the way up it without a foot down Ash), down the back of Gilmores past the Rutty Fucker, across the top and then down to Seaham Road, back north on Ripley Trail to Limeburner Creek Road (after a wrong turn and hike a bike through the scrub), back onto the North end of Gilmore Trail (think the boys were cursing me by then), up past the top of Duggans and back up to Gilmore Hill, down Nine Mile Road and then down "Bad Boy" the loose motorbike trail strewn with  babyheads, back to Lone Pine Road and out.
Phew! What a great ride.