Cairns & the Smithfield Trails


During our 3 week trip north I got two sessions in at the Cairns Smithfield Trails and one session at Atherton - both very different beasts.
My first session at Smithfield was by myself and the second I got talking to a local at the Trailhead and he was more than willing to show me around some more (even though he had finished his ride) and lead/talk me through some sketchy sections like 'Croc Slide' and 'Rodeo Drop'.
Both times I was riding from about 9am so it was hot but there is heaps of shade and similar to riding on the Sunshine Coast in summer you just sweat through all your clothes and get on with it.  In general the trails are very technical there - the XC trails are equivalent to the easy DH run we did in Buller!  The mountains are big and damn steep.  Since having the 1 x 10 set up for the last 3 or 4 years these trails were the only ones where I have run out of gears and that I had to get off and walk up some sections.  If this was your regular riding spot you would be damn strong and have great technical skills.  There was a couple of well planned and carved out descents eg 'Caterpiller' of the same style as Rotorua - thanks World Trail!
The setting was beautiful and it was great to be in the rain forest.  There was a small but perfect pump track right at the trail head and some easy loops too for the family.  For the big boys 10kms of trails here feels more like 25 to 30kms any where else!  I came across the 'Bow Hunter' jump park which looks like something out of an MTBK film!

At the bottom of the mountain is a Uni - how good would that have been!