Best thing I've ever done

Well apart from mountain biking and well... you know.

Renee bought me a RIP:60 for my birthday last year and like with most things I was skeptical.  I admit that it gathered dust for about 6 months until due to a change in jobs I had an hour spare in the mornings.  I dusted it off, hung it off the patio and started the first DVD in the series.  I initially didn't like the cardio bits in the workout but each week it builds and I see the benefits of it now.  Then I was hooked.

You can do every exercise that you can do in the gym and each exercise is building your core strength too as you do so many of them in the plank position.  With a great core my back problems have massively reduced and I have never felt stronger on a mountain bike!  Absolutely powering up technical hills. 

Some mornings I'll do a RIP:60 DVD, which is about 50 minutes and other mornings I'll go for a road ride or a run and come back and just do 10 minutes of intense upper body.  Mix that up with a bit of yoga and I'm ready to become a pro rider... well it's nice to day dream.

Renee got it off eBay - beware counterfeits though.

Mountain biking changed my life.  And so did this gizmo so I had to share - highly recommended!

I'm pretty sure Chappie is into some exercise programs designed by a mountain biker so he probably has some thoughts and recommendations too.


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Didn't you guys stop using this once you were married?

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This guy is the shizz.

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So RIP:60 comes with 8 videos for an 8 week program. Someone helpful has uploaded weeks 3, 5, 6, 7 & 8 to the internet (week 4 is a rest yoga week and weeks 1 and 2 are pretty easy)

If you have a TRX like Chappie and Ash use then you can do most of the exercises and you may find the variety a good companion to the MTBK Guru dudes videos. The RIP:60 has the extra feature of rotation (straps slide through the upper mount) but you'll be able to make do with the TRX (or buy yourselves a RIP:60 too as they are pretty cheap and you can work out at the same time Ash & Chappie).

Some kettle bells are also useful but you can use dumb bells (and I have been even known to use a watermelon or a vacuum cleaner...)

Chappie is a weapon on the trails not just because he rides once a week but because he does these training sessions 3 times a week (I wouldn't say no to seeing him drug tested though...)