Medowie - Short but Sweet


Headed out yesterday lunch time for a couple of laps of a 6km MTB track in Medowie with 4 riders from the RAAF Base.  The track has been put together by a local named Marty by linking up old motor bike tracks and also making some new sections.
The track is quite smooth and flows through corners, but it is tight so you are constantly working to maintain speed and there are heaps of ramps up and over logs so you are constantly in and out of your seat.  Marty has spent 18 months working on it and it shows.  The corners used to be rutted by motor bikes but he has turned them into firm berms that are probably better than Awaba’s and he continually maintains them to deter motor bikes. 
It was a high intensity 12kms trying to keep up with Marty.  Although he had the local advantage, I'm not sure his radical 1990's Pro-Flex bike could be considered an advantage - although he would beg to differ.  The Pro-Flex's front wheel is tucked right in making it a tight single track weapon but I think his speed was more due to his barely functional V-Brakes!  Check out the attached shots of this pioneering dually.  I look forward to seeing this beast tearing up Wallaroo! 
Speaking of which, there is quite an interest growing in us guiding a few of the local riders from the RAAF Base around our favourite Wallaroo trails.  How about we pencil in a 40km or so ride for Sunday 18th September?  I'm sure Nev could work out a route that takes in the infamous Duggans Run amongst other highlights - Rutty F'er any one?
GPS logs of the Medowie track: